Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Spring 2018

Keeping up with changes and deadlines in the compliance area gets more complex every year. Now, we can assist you with that task.

Carl Pry, a well known and highly respected compliance expert and recipient of the 2015 ABA Distinguished Service Award will be presenting a quarterly update that will address new items to be aware of, deadlines and what's on the horizon. In a simple language webinar format that you can view from your office, Carl will make sure you have the information you need to keep your financial institution in compliance.

Covered Topics:

  • Reassignment of Fair Lending functions within CFPB - what does it mean?
  • CFPB RFI on its enforcement processes
  • Fed's actions against a large west-coast bank - implications for CMS
  • HMDA updates - formatting tool and filing instructions
  • Updates to prepaid card review
  • OCC's supervisory concerns in semiannual risk report
  • Increases in CMP amounts by the agencies
  • Further streamlining of call reports
  • Updated SAR for batch filers
  • The CFPB’s many requests for information; what does it all mean?
  • CMP adjustments
  • Sea change in marijuana enforcement by the justice department
  • New CRA and HMDA resources and tools
  • Tax law changes and what they mean for banks
  • Many more!
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